This PDF guide is divided into three parts

  • Firstly, I cover the basics of COT reports by explaining where the data comes from, how it is provided, and what it is used for. Additionally, I also provide an in-depth explanation of all columns in the COT reports and how to interpret them.
  • Secondly, I dive deeper into the COT reports by introducing my custom version of the COT reports, and furthermore, how to use the colors in them to gain more insight.
  • Lastly, I show you how to analyze the relationship between a currency’s COT report and candlestick chart, in order to give you a complete picture of market sentiment and positioning.


Improve your trading skills with the complete guide how to read the cot reports pdf. Perfect for retail traders!

Learn how to read the COT Reports | pdf version

The simplified *pdf guide will teach you how to read and interpret the cot reports with ease. This guide is perfect for traders who are new to the market or looking to expand their knowledge of market analysis.

Advantages of learning how to read the COT Reports

The Commitments of Traders COT Reports are a valuable tool for traders and investors to understand market sentiment and positioning.
The CFTC releases reports detailing the open interest and trading activity of different market participants. As a result, retail traders can use this information in conjunction with Technical Analysis (TA) to make more informed trading decisions.

Understanding market positioning

For example, if hedge funds have a large net short position in a particular market, this may indicate that they are positioning themselves for a market downturn.

Identifying potential trend reversals

You can use the cot reports to identify potential trend reversals. For example, when non-commercial traders have a large net short position, it may indicate that the market is oversold and due for a rebound.

Complementary to Technical Analysis (TA)

The COT reports can be used in conjunction with Technical Analysis (TA) to get a better view of the market. Additionally, it can help technical trader to identify the large market players position.

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